Plan Review

Fire Protection System Plan Reviews

Compliance with International Code Family and Fire Protection Plan Reviews

The review of site plans, architectural drawings and fire-protection system plans are a major responsibility of the Fire Prevention Bureau as well as state and local Building and Planning Departments. The Central Valley Fire District fire marshal works in conjunction with City of Belgrade Building, Gallatin County Planning, and Montana Building Department officials to conduct plan reviews of proposed commercial building, existing building expansion, changes in occupancy use, and residential subdivisions in the District, City of Belgrade and Belgrade planning area. Field inspections are conducted to ensure that buildings meet local and state building and fire codes, including fire and life safety systems, for the safety of citizens and protection of the community’s economic infrastructure.

The State of Montana, City of Belgrade, and Central Valley Fire District have adopted and operate from the 2012 International Family of Codes.

Commercial and multi-family residential construction in Central Valley Fire District and the City of Belgrade requires the following:

NOTICE: Beginning construction on a project or installing a fire protection system prior to the approval of plans by CVFD is done at a contractor's risk. No exceptions, special allowances or accommodations from code requirements will be granted for projects built out of compliance. 

Third Party Plan Review

In accordance with Section 104 of the International Fire Code, the Central Valley Fire District requires plan review for commercial properties and residential sprinkler systems.  Depending on the complexity of the project, the plan review may be done by the Fire Marshal or outsourced to a certified fire-protection engineer.  Plans for new construction or a change in occupancy use of an existing building, the installation and/or modification of an automatic fire-protection system, the installation and/or modification of  a fire alarm and detection system and related equipment, plans for minor and major subdivisions and rural fire fill sites shall be submitted to the CVFD Fire Marshal electronically.  Upon review, CVFD will issue a construction permit and charge plan review fees based on the adopted fee schedule.   Plan Review Fee Schedule 

Plan Review Submittals

Plan review submittals require the following information.

  • Project overview including Occupancy & Construction Type and square footage
  • Site plans
  • Building plans
  • Applicable fire protection system plans
  • Project valuation