Open Burning/Burn Permits

Open fires are regulated in Gallatin County for two reasons: air quality and fire danger.

Open burning for agricultural purposes and the disposal of vegetative slash is regulated by the Montana State Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). It is allowed by permit March 1 - November 30. Open burning is not allowed December 1 - February 28 for air-quality reasons. Burning of trash, rubbish, and waste (including burn barrels) is not allowed by the DEQ or the City of Belgrade at any time.

A burn permit can be obtained at Station 1 during business hours, or online and can be activated multiple times during the burn season. Burn permits must be activated on line or using the automated phone number prior to igniting a fire each time that you burn. Please carefully read and follow the instructions on your burn permit.

For more information about current burning conditions and regulations.

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Open fires are also regulated for public safety purposes. During periods of high fire danger and significant fire risk to agricultural crop loss, open burning may be closed by order of the fire chief.

Area city councils, Gallatin County commissioners, and the U.S. Forest Service have authority to restrict or ban open fires in their respective jurisdictions during periods of high fire danger. Public notice via the media will be given if this occurs. Recreational campfires do not require a permit and are allowed unless a fire ban is in effect.

In all cases, the person starting the fire is responsible to remain in attendance and safely manage it. Citizens are encouraged to check weather conditions and avoid open fires when very dry or potentially windy conditions exist.

Keep firefighting tools and water at hand, and never abandon a fire that is not completely extinguished.