Rescue Operations

The knowledge and skill set required of today’s firefighter is unmatched throughout history.  Gone are the days where firefighters only respond to fires.  Today’s fire service is America’s first and last line of defense for a timely response to any emergency other than those requiring a law enforcement officer.  There is no other industry in the world that responds at the touch of three numbers on a phone, in 4-6 minutes, with up to 30 trained professionals and millions of dollars of equipment, to focus solely on your emergency.

While most emergencies have some similarities, firefighters often encounter situations that are very unique and require immediate intervention.  Rescues clearly fit this category of response.  Central Valley firefighters are trained in vehicle extrication, industrial and agricultural accidents, ice and water rescue, animal rescue, as well as rescues from fire.  When the incident exceeds our capabilities, specialized local and regional teams are available.